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Piano tuner, community activist, has worked with many prominent artists from the world of jazz and classical music, tunes pianos at the largest music festivals in Poland, including "Chopin and His Europe", "J. Waldorff Summer Festival in Radziejowice", and has also prepared instruments for the Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition.  He has faithfully supported all the activities of the EN River Foundation since its inception.

Dancer, dance instructor, choreographer, coach of sports couples, Pro-Am dancer. International master class "S" dancer. Participant in major events such as New Year's Eve with Jedynka, 50th anniversary of TVP, "How to Melody?". Choreographer of the musical "My Fair Lady", staged in Warsaw's Congress Hall in February 2014. Co-artistic director of the annual Mary Kay seminars, where, together with a team of dancers, she presents thematic, original choreographies.

Pianist, coach, philosopher, student at the UMFC in Warsaw, coordinator of the Czarnoleski Arts Festival and the Warmia Piano & Art Days Festival in Lidzbark Warmiński.  Her passion is widely understood development, both personal and artistic. She promotes and supports artistically talented young people in their career development. She loves to co-create bold and ambitious artistic endeavors that remain long in the memory of the audience.

Founder of the EN River Foundation, pianist, Chopinist, pedagogue, Ph.D. professor at the UMFC. For more than 30 years he has supported the development of young piano students both at home and abroad.  He advocates a holistic approach to the artistic development of children and young people.  He creates artistic visions for festivals, workshops and other cultural events organized by the EN River Foundation.

Andrzej Garbe - piano tuner

Piotr Wilczyński - Board Member

Natalia Wolanin -President of the Board

Edward Wolanin - Founder












We cooperate with organizations, institutions, companies and individuals at home and abroad. We exchange experience with institutions, institutions and individuals involved in music education in the broadest sense.


We provide organizational, financial and media support to individuals, communities and institutions of culture, science, art and education working on the comprehensive intellectual, emotional and ethical development of schoolchildren, students, young academics, artists.

The flowing water of the river and the entire course of the river from source to mouth make it symbolize life. The flowing water of a river can signify the fluidity and changeability of the created world. The river also becomes a metaphor for human existence from birth to death. Such was the symbolic dimension of the river in the Old Testament in the description about the Garden of Eden, near the tree of life. The Nile River had special significance for Moses as the site of his second birth, setting the course of his destiny marked by the presence of God. The river also represents the water of life and healing. In the water of the Jordan River occurred Jesus' baptism and the beginning of his life until his martyrdom and resurrection. 

And what is the river for us artists ?  It is a symbol of creativity, life, death, grace, the flow of time, the passing of time, rebirth, fertility, respite, the cosmic primordial, a means of interpersonal communication, a route for travelers, a source of inspiration.


We would like this symbol to guide all the initiatives of our foundation, so that for ourselves it is a source of inexhaustible inspiration, a metaphor from which we will be able to use, draw on and rediscover it at any time. THE ROAD OF CREATIVITY is what unites all artists, we all walk it. Probably each of us is at a different stage of this path, some at the beginning, others in the middle.... We also walk it at different paces, but the most important thing is that we have the same goal. It is to mouth the river, to enter the immensity of the ocean.

EN - these are the first letters of the names Edward and Natalia , the founders of the foundation like two opposite banks of one river, an older and younger generation of artists, who together create a new and better quality. In the end, EN can mean something different for everyone, a combination of two different forces, like Energy and Hope, Eros (love) and Nike (victory), but sometimes it can be love and passion, love and uncertainty, love and hate, love and unfulfillment. 

The River EN Foundation is therefore not something that can be fully defined, it is rather a malleable SPACE for the CREATION that is yet to come and reveal itself to the world. We are the ones who are supposed to help these revelations come to fruition and make themselves known to a wider art audience.





The EN River Foundation was established in 2019 on the initiative of Edward Wolanin - an outstanding Polish pianist, Chopinist and pedagogue. Its goal is to carry out educational and cultural activities at home and abroad, especially in the field of supporting, promoting and helping to develop the careers of musically talented children and young people, as well as adult musical artists. The largest cultural and educational projects so far carried out by the EN River Foundation are:  Czarnoleski Festival of Arts (4 editions), Warmia Piano & Art Days Festival in Lidzbark Warmiński (2 editions), Summer Master Music Workshops in Zamość (1 edition) and Lubartowska Autumn of Music Festival(2 editions).  In addition, the Foundation co-organizes numerous concerts, methodological consultations for music school teachers and lectures. In each of our activities we strive to support Polish culture, Polish artists and share the best with our audiences.











We support artistic and emotional development, children and young people, organize conferences, seminars, symposia, scientific meetings, workshops, training, exercises, consultations, and other forms of professional development for teachers.


We initiate and support socio-cultural activities by organizing concerts, festivals, painting exhibitions, poetry evenings, literary meetings and other artistic projects and events.


We promote and support outstanding individuals, Polish composers, the most talented young artists, unique artistic initiatives and Polish culture at home and abroad.


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